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ichael Brooke Fisher J.S.C. (Ret.)
(p) 856-332-7741

Having retired after serving  fifteen years as a Judge of the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey, this is to announce that I have commenced mediation and arbitration services. For a decade I sat in the Civil Division of the Superior Court, and for most of that time I was the sole civil judge in a county that statistically required two. Out of necessity, and because of my personal inclination, I actively engaged in settlement conferences. On Mondays, I would attempt to, and did, settle cases. On Tuesdays, a jury would be selected for a trial and I would then preside over that trial, and at the conclusion I would talk to the jury. Ten years in the civil division interacting with lawyers, litigants, and jurors has made me appreciate the value of a case, and, more importantly, the benefit of a settled case. 

I have never let my opinion of a case, concerning either liability or value interfere with the successful conclusion of a settlement, but, when appropriate and in confidence with each lawyer, I have never hesitated to offer my opinion as to the weaknesses, strength, or monetary value of a case. I shall be a mediator in the truest sense of the word and not just a messenger. With that statement, I offer my services as a mediator and arbitrator.

I am not affiliated with any law firm. I will travel to accommodate lawyers and litigants.